LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – The cannabis industry continues to grow in Nevada. Soon, pot lounges will open across the state. As acceptance and curiosity about marijuana grows as well, so too does cannabis tourism.

Tourists can visit multiple cannabis facilities around Las Vegas to learn how the industry works. FOX5 visited several tour stops with Las Vegas Cannabis Tours. At Green Leaf Mart of Las Vegas, a grow house, protective suits are required to walk through row after row of marijuana plants that will one day soon be ready for consumption. The mature plants started growing there from just seeds. The idea of cannabis tours blossomed during the pandemic when most things were closed down. “I had a couple friends from the East Coast who wanted a tour that were doing a thesis on cannabis tourism… I said, ‘Let me take you around. I know enough,’” recounted Maxine Fensom.

“People started calling me… I just decided to make it into a business,” Fensom explained. Since then, Las Vegas Cannabis Tours has taken thousands of guests, people from around the world to cannabis businesses including dispensaries, grow houses, even glass blowers. The tours aim to demystify the legalized cannabis industry and showcase all it has to offer as it continues to evolve. “A lot of people come to us because they are starting up their own businesses throughout the United States and so they come to get ideas and contacts,” Fensom revealed.

Fensom shared there is one big drawback right now. Guests cannot sample cannabis products while on the tour but as cannabis lounges are slated to start opening across the state that’s about to change. “It will definitely enhance my business. I will be able to offer way more tours that will be much more flexible,” Fensom reported.

Monday marks Marijuana Legalization Day, a day that marks a historical change in the public’s perception of marijuana. It was 11 years ago, November 6, 2012, marijuana was made legal for recreational use in two states: Washington and Colorado. In Nevada, recreational use of marijuana became legal on January 1, 2017.

For people who are especially passionate about the plant, Fensom also offers cannabis weddings. You can learn more about the tours and weddings here:

Cannabis Tours

Las Vegas Cannabis Weddings

 As acceptance and curiosity about marijuana grows as well, so too does cannabis tourism.  Read More