BALTIMORE, MD — In a stroll in Fells Point you might glance over on the corner of Broadway and Aliceanna and see marijuana plants.

The one to three foot high green plants with their distinct leaves draw the attention from people, some even stop to take pictures.

“All day long, somebody stops by, we see them taking a picture waving, asking when you guys are going to open we let them know we’re opening next week, it’s constant with these plants here people are just excited,” said Julius Franks, COO of Baltimore Hydroponics.

Questions have also been asked about the legality of what Baltimore Hydroponics is doing.

Grow operations in Maryland are licensed through the state — but this company isn’t growing anything that contains THC.

“Cause a lot of people may have seen the law where you can’t cultivate plants in the window. Again, we’re not cultivating them we’re just maintaining them in their vegetative state, if we were trying to flower the plants that would be something different and that’s what we don’t do we don’t flower the plants and we don’t sell THC or CBD products.”

The ready to grow plants start here as tiny little plants, over time they grow until they’re near ready to flower.

The business goes beyond just providing the plant, they have things like odor reducing covers, lights and fertilizing mixes.

“Is it something that can be tricky to someone who’s never done it before,” we asked the co-owners.

“Nah because here like I said we teach you step by step we have a membership where you can go online and we have a guide for how your plant is supposed to look week to week,” said Donte Johnson, the company’s vice president.

With Maryland’s newest industry, the negative stigma around cannabis can be difficult for the new businesses to deal with.

“If liquor and cigarettes can be sold with no debates around it they definitely can open their minds up to cannabis,” said COO Devin Melton.

It takes about three months from the time the plant is purchased until the marijuana from it is ready to smoke.

The business isn’t open yet but plans to sometime next week.

 The business uses a combination of a federal law and Maryland’s cannabis reform law to be able to sell the plants.  Read More