Hawaii’s island of Maui will need billions of dollars in relief and reconstruction funds in the coming years after the US’ worst wildfire in a century turned the town of Lahaina to ash. Authorities have confirmed more than 100 dead, with perhaps 1,000 missing.

You can donate directly to The Red Cross, according to former President Barack Obama, who grew up in Oahu. The President added that direct support groups on the ground include: The Maui Strong Fund from the Hawai?i Community Foundation; Hawai?i Red Cross; Maui Rapid Response; Maui Humane Society; New Life Kahuku Inc.; and The Wildfire Relief Fund.

Those re-upping on the therapeutic cannabis molecule CBD can also combine their purchase with donations. The Rare Cannabinoid Company, stated this week that they will donate half of gross sales from their Hawaiian Choice CBD line to Maui Strong.

Hawaii has a limited medical cannabis program that includes dispensaries and grows for THC, the main active ingredient in cannabis. Other farmers grow hemp for CBD on the islands as well. Rare Cannabinoid Company uses Hawaii-grown hemp oil.

The medical marijuana movement took root in compassionate relief in California in the ’90s. Today, the now-legal $30 billion industry always opens its pocket when disaster strikes. The People’s OC in Santa Ana, CA conducts a Maui Relief Giveback Aug. 16 to Aug. 23–asking for toiletries. Located some 2,400 miles from the continent, virtually everything Maui island residents require must be shipped in by plane and boat.

Hope and healing to Hawaii, to which cannabis culture owes much; from strain names and breeding work, to surf culture.

We’ll update the post with more relief links as they’re announced.

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