The Township Committee gave the business an early nod to proceed in the multi-step process of gaining the necessary approvals to open.

Posted Wed, Aug 23, 2023 at 4:43 pm ET

A cannabis business has its eyes on Cinnaminson for a manufacturing facility. (Shutterstock)

CINNAMINSON, NJ — A cannabis business has its eyes on Cinnaminson for a manufacturing facility.

Capitol Extracts NJ, LLC applied to open the facility in the Cinnaminson’s Industrial Zoning District, where the township allows for the zoning of certain cannabis businesses.

The Township Committee gave an early nod to Capitol Extracts during Monday’s meeting. But the resolution merely confirms that the facility’s proposed use complies with the township’s zoning regulations, according to Township Administrator Eric J. Schubiger.

Opening a cannabis business in New Jersey typically requires a series of approvals from the state and local-government agencies. So Capitol Extracts still must complete several key steps before the business can take root.

“If and when the applicant receives the appropriate license from the state,” Schubiger said at Monday’s meeting, “they’ll have to pursue local action by the appropriate board of the township.”

Capitol Extracts applied to operate the facility at 2200 Garry Rd. — a 4.14-acre property in the township’s industrial zone. The township planner and Economic Development Committee have reviewed the proposal.

Months after New Jersey legalized recreational weed in 2021, Cinnaminson passed regulations allowing several different types of cannabis establishments to do business in town.

“In general, cultivation and warehousing are permitted in identified zones within the township, predominantly in the light commercial/industrial area,” Schubiger told Patch. “Retail is only permitted as part of an approved cultivation or warehousing business.”

Capitol Extracts needs a Class 2 manufacturing license — among New Jersey’s six types of cannabis licenses — to operate the facility. The state’s Cannabis Regulatory Commission issues such licenses.

A manufacturer produces cannabis goods — not to be confused with a cultivating business that grows the substance.

Watch Monday’s Township Committee meeting below:

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