SPRINGFIELD – State Senator Steve Stadelman has introduced a measure that aims to allow seventeen year olds to receive blood typing services without the need for parental consent.

“Knowing your blood type is not only critical in emergency situations, but it also encourages a deeper understanding and responsibility toward one’s health,” said Stadelman (D-Rockford). “This bill supports our young adults in making proactive health choices independently, and educating themselves on their own health.”

The legislation would enable young adults to gain greater autonomy over their health information and medical preparedness. By lowering the age threshold for blood typing without parental consent to 17, the bill recognizes the maturity of these individuals to make informed decisions about their own health care needs.

“This is about trusting our young people and giving them the tools they need to take charge of their health,” said Stadelman. “It’s a small but significant step in ensuring our health care system is responsive and accessible to everyone.”

House Bill 4271 passed the Senate Public Health Committee on Tuesday and heads to the full Senate for further consideration.

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