CHATSWORTH, CA / ACCESSWIRE / November 7, 2023 / Chilco River Holdings, Inc. (“Chilco River”) CRVH, a multi-faceted holding company focused on developing high-growth businesses within diverse industries, today announced the acquisition of Colorado corporation American Hemp Brands, Inc. (“American Hemp Brands”). Founded in Colorado in 2018, American Hemp Brands produces water-soluble legal cannabinoid nano-emulsions that can easily be added to beverages, edibles, and topicals to enhance shelf life, improve bioavailability, and increase uptake rates. For example, a sublingual CBD product based on a nano-emulsified CBD formulation created by American Hemp Brands increases the bioavailability and the uptake rate by as much as four times as opposed to a standard dry CBD isolate or CBD oil.

Cannabinoids are delivered though two main delivery mechanisms. The first and the most popular is through inhalation (smoking/vaping). The other alternative for delivering cannabinoids has been through the GI tract by eating edibles or by consuming formulations such as CBD oils that are placed under the tongue (transmucosal). The bioavailability of edibles and transmucosal delivery systems is very low.

Nano-emulsion formulations use a technique that breaks down liquid particles into nano-sized particles which create a stable liquid while improving bioavailability and absorption rates. Because particles created by nano-emulsion are smaller, they can penetrate cell membranes quicker and deliver more of the active ingredient in the body. Nano-emulsified cannabinoid products are water soluble meaning they can easily be added to any liquid without separating. Cannabinoid products created through nano-emulsification techniques will absorb quicker and last longer than many top-selling products and brands currently on the market. More importantly, any companies selling cannabinoid products created using the nano-emulsification formulas being developed by American Hemp brands should improve their margins because they can use less active ingredient to get equivalent bioavailability and effect.

Pictured above is some equipment on American Hemp’s manufacturing line.

American Hemp Brands uses high pressure homogenization to create tiny droplets/particles that are between 20 and 600 nanometers in diameter. American Hemp Brands can easily scale its manufacturing operations to service the largest cannabinoid (CBD, CBG, D8, D9, THCA) companies to customize the size depending on the exact use of the target cannabinoid. For example, CBD formulations for a nasal spray may require smaller particle sizes than an edible. American Hemp Brands’ process is both customizable and scalable.

The company’s plan will be to create nano-emulsified formulations for cannabinoid companies selling CBD products, CBG products and other cannabinoid products for both human and pet health. The company also plans on unveiling a full line of products using its nano-emulsified products including beverages, edibles and topicals.

Jakob Jorgensen, Chief Operating Officer of American Hemp Brands commented, “Several months ago, we began discussions with Chilco, and we were extremely impressed with their focus on high-margin business with real competitive advantages. We are very excited as we become part of the Chilco family.”

Will Lovett, Chief Executive Officer of Chilco River Holdings, “After much hard work, we are able to finally announce the acquisition of American Hemp Brands which was founded in 2018. Cannabinoid products that are produced using these nano-emulsifications have a huge advantage over other conventional cannabinoid products.”

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Will Lovett
Chief Executive Officer
Chilco River Holdings, Inc.

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