TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — The Florida House is advancing legislation regulating the state’s hemp industry. 

What You Need To Know

State lawmakers are considering hemp regulations
The measure would crack down on products like Delta 8 and Delta 10
It would also regulate non-consumable hemp products

House Bill 1613 would crack down on THC products made with Delta 8 and Delta 10. It would also regulate hemp product packaging, banning designs intended to attract children. 

Delta 8 and 10 products come in various shapes and forms. The products are often smokable or edible, inducing a euphoric or relaxing sensation. They’re also commonly available to the public in locations like smoke shops, gas stations, and convenience stores.

Hemp products in Florida are limited to ages 21 and above.

“This is an attempt by the Legislature to reign in some of the synthetic products that are out there like under the guise of hemp,” said Jeff Sharkey, a hemp industry advocate.

Lakewood Ranch Republican State Rep. Tommy Gregory is the bill sponsor.

“This bill is not designed to criminalize behavior,” Gregory said. “This bill is designed to be a consumer protection tool.”

The proposal advanced Monday through the Agriculture and Natural Resources Appropriations Committee. It requires one more committee stop. If passed, it’ll go to the House floor for final consideration.

While supporters and critics agree the hemp industry needs some regulation, some fear the bill may burden existing industries. The measure also regulates non-consumable hemp products.

“My concern is really for the people in the industry currently, people who may’ve invested so much,” Miami Democratic Rep. Kevin Chambliss said.

Florida’s conversation on hemp comes after Congress passed the U.S. Farm Bill in 2018. The measure legalized industrial hemp as an agricultural product. It also delisted hemp as a controlled substance.

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