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Photograph: Courtesy of Michael Gertelman | A delivery vehicle for NugHub NY

NugHub NY aims to bring quality weed to Staten Island and South Brooklyn

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Ian KumamotoWednesday January 24 2024


NugHub NY just created Staten Island’s first legal weed delivery service, despite a slew of legal challenges. Founded by Michael Gertelman, an advocate for weed dispensaries and fair treatment for cannabis business owners all throughout New York City, NugHub NY’s mission is to provide safe and clean weed to New Yorkers in Staten Island and South Brooklyn. 

NugHub NY came to fruition after Michael “Mo” Gertelman, the founder of NugHub NY, filed a CAURD (Conditional Adult-Use Retail Dispensary) application just two weeks before the deadline for filing applications. Although Gertelman had intended to have a brick-and-mortar weed business, recent legislation put that plan on hold.

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“Cannabis is merely the product we sell; and we don’t want that to be what defines us,” Gertelman told Stupid Dope

Photograph: Courtesy of Mo Gertleman

Until a physical dispensary comes to fruition, NugHub NY will deliver quality weed to some parts of New York. They also partner with farmers who adhere to strict safety guidelines, including abstaining from using pesticides.

“Staten Island deserves access to safe, premium cannabis, and that’s what we deliver at NugHub NY,” Gertelman told Time Out New York. “We’re more than a business; we’re dedicated to the well-being of our community.”

You can find more information and order from NugHub NY here. The shop currently sells flower, pre-rolls, edibles and more.

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 NugHub NY aims to bring quality weed to Staten Island and South Brooklyn  Read More