MASSENA, N.Y. (WWNY/Gray News) – The Massena Police Department said a trick-or-treater wound up with a bag of marijuana edibles on Halloween.

Officials are urging parents to check their children’s candy before they eat any of it.

The police department posted a photo of the bag of edibles on its Facebook page, saying it came from a trick-or-treater.

“We thought it was a good idea to get it out to the public as soon as possible even if it was a mistake,” said Massena Police Lt. Cody Wilson. “If this was an accident, it happened. Luckily this one was caught and no kids were harmed from it.”

The bag shows it contains 600 milligrams of edibles.

Officials say if parents find a similar bag of “candy,” they’re urged to bring it to the Massena Police Department with information on where their child went trick-or-treating.

According to, children who eat edibles containing cannabis can experience vomiting, dizziness, difficulty walking, a rapid heart rate, drowsiness, confusion and breathing difficulties. In severe cases, hallucinations, an abnormally slow heart rate and low blood pressure may occur.

Anita Seefried-Brown with the Alliance for Better Communities said it can be tricky to tell the difference between candy and edibles.

“The teeny, tiny notification that it is THC-infused on the lower right-hand side, with 600 milligrams of THC, is so easily overlooked,” she said. “At a very quick glance, one would not know the difference.”

Seefried-Brown said it comes down to storing edibles properly like you would keep medication out of a child’s reach.

 The police department in Massena, New York, posted a photo of the bag of edibles on its Facebook page, saying it came from a trick-or-treater.  Read More