In a shocking turn of events, the mayor of Winnebago, Scott Robertson, and his adult son Jacob Robertson were arrested by Minnesota authorities on Thursday for alleged marijuana cultivation. The South Central Drug Investigation Unit seized hundreds of marijuana plants from multiple homes in a raid that has left the small town reeling.


A Mayor’s Fall from Grace

Scott Robertson, who won the mayoral race in 2021 via a write-in campaign, was taken into custody along with his son Jacob Robertson. The investigation into the mayor began in early 2023 after an anonymous tip led authorities to three addresses in Winnebago where they found plants labeled with names of cannabis seed products and a notebook with financial transaction information showing a total profit of $360,000.

Charges and Allegations


The Robertsons are facing charges of first-degree cannabis crime, conspiracy, and aiding and abetting. They are accused of illegally growing about 240 marijuana plants, exceeding the state’s personal cultivation limit of eight plants. Although marijuana possession and growing were legalized in Minnesota in August 2023, there are limits on how much can be grown, which the Robertsons are accused of exceeding.

Implications and Future Developments

Both men remain in custody pending charges, and the future of the town’s leadership is now uncertain. If Mayor Robertson is unable to attend City Council meetings, a council member can serve as acting mayor. The Robertsons previously operated a licensed hemp growing business, but their license expired in December 2022.


As the community grapples with this unexpected news, the fate of the mayor and his son remains unclear. The arrest of a public figure on such charges raises questions about the enforcement of marijuana laws and the consequences of violating them. This story serves as a reminder that even those in positions of power are not immune to the law.

In other local news, an Edina man has claimed that he was using autopilot if he fatally struck a Mille Lacs doctor with his Tesla, as reported by new documents. The University of Minnesota has also announced three finalists in its search for a new president. Lastly, the owner of Highland Park’s Cecil’s Deli has passed away.

Stay tuned for updates on these stories and more.


 Scott Robertson and his son Jacob were arrested for allegedly growing 240 marijuana plants. Charges include first-degree cannabis crime and conspiracy.  Read More  


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