Four middle school students in Pennsauken, N.J. were hospitalized after consuming Valentine’s Day gummies believed to be tainted with cannabis.

Pennsauken Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Ronnie Tarchichi penned a letter to parents detailing “a very serious situation” that occurred Wednesday when a student allegedly brought gummies to Phifer Middle School from their home.

“This student shared these gummies with students either before school or some time during the morning,” he said in a note published online Friday. “Our staff noticed the behavior of students that ingested these gummies and per our policy, students were sent to the nurse and then sent to a medical facility to ensure the safety of our students.”

Tarchichi thanked administrators and staffers for “impeccably” managing the situation. He also applauded students who cooperated with adults to piece together what happened. Educators plan to make sure no students eat anything outside the cafeteria while on school property.

While Tarchichi initially believed Wednesday’s troubles began before classes got underway, that may not have been the case.

One parent told they got a call from the school shortly before noon claiming their child wasn’t feeling well. That adult arrived at the school nurse’s office to find their sixth grader and one other student experiencing a high.

“They were incoherent,” the parent said. “Couldn’t walk. Eyes blurry. My child was zoned out and struggling to answer questions.”

The parent added that their child ate a “weird”-tasting green gummy in second-period gym class — then started feeling woozy during third period.

Tarchichi reportedly conceded that account “could be true,” though it was his initial understanding the recreational substance — which is legal for adults over 21 in the state — was consumed by affected students prior to the start of classes.

He claimed the child who distributed the gummies to classmates got them from a parent.

Pennsauken Police are reportedly awaiting lab results on the candies to aid them in their investigation.