Rare Cannabinoid Company has announced Black Friday savings of up to 50% off CBD, THC Mood Gummies, rare cannabinoid oils, hemp edibles and more.

HONOLULU, Nov. 7, 2023 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Rare Cannabinoid Company has announced its Black Friday deals for 2023 on CBD oils and gummies, THC Mood Gummies, rare cannabinoid oils, edibles and more.

In addition to month-long sales of up to 50% off products, the premium Hawaiian brand is also announcing week-long offers and flash deals for Black Friday.

Rare Cannabinoid Company is urging potential customers to take their new Cannabinoid Quiz. The one-minute quiz is designed to help people learn which cannabis / hemp compounds offer the effects and benefits they are looking for (such as THCV for energy, focus and appetite suppression or CBN products for sleep.)

In addition, upon completion, quiz-takers will receive a coupon code for a free packet of Mood Gummies ($25). They will also be able to receive the company’s newsletters, informing them of Black Friday flash sales.

The first week-long flash sale, is:

BOGO 50% Off Extra Strength CBD Gummies: Buy one jar of 30 gummies for $39, and get one half off, for $19.50. Each gummy contains a very large amount of CBD, 30mg, to ease stress and reduce occasional inflammation after exercise. CBD Gummies are vegan and all natural with a tasty strawberry flavor. Rare Cannabinoid Company recently reduced the price of these gummies and they are currently on this BOGO 50% off deal.

The brand suggests combining their extra strength CBD Gummies with:

THCV Gummies to boost energy levels, focus, and reduce appetite (which may aid weight loss).
CBN Gummies for relaxation and deep, restful sleep.
CBG Gummies for joint support, soreness, and discomfort.
Mood Gummies with Delta-9-THC for relaxation and relief from occasional discomfort or nausea, CBC oil for improved mood and CBD oil.

Rare Cannabinoid Company’s Month-Long Deals Are:
25% Off:

Rare Hawaiian CBD- 1000mg Full Spectrum Maui-Grown CBD
Extra Strength CBD Booster – 3000mg Pure CBD
CBC + CBD Oil – CBC oil studies show it may offer anti-depressant-like effects for non-psychoactive mood elevation. This oil combines equal parts of full spectrum Hawaiian CBD and CBC oils.

50% Off:

CBDA Oil – For Nausea, Discomfort
CBGA + CBD + CBDA – 1500mg Immunity+ Blend
Relief Terpenes – For Soreness, Joint Support

Rare Cannabinoid Company encourages people to take their Cannabinoid Quiz to learn more about which cannabinoids are right for their needs. They will also receive a coupon code for a free packet of Mood Gummies (worth $25). Each Mood Gummy contains 5mg hemp-derived Delta-9-THC as well as high levels of CBC cannabinoid and CBD oil. Mood Gummies are federally legal and ship to all U.S. locations. Customers who receive the coupon code for free THC Mood Gummies only need to pay for shipping. Or, if they spend $75+ they will also receive free shipping.

The Hawaiian company grew out of its sister brand Hawaiian Choice CBD, which was established in 2017. Both brands produce all of their oils and gummies in a cGMP-certified facility. Each batch of every product undergoes multiple third-party lab tests with results available online by QR codes on the product packaging.

Rare Cannabinoid Company and Hawaiian Choice products can be found in hundreds of locations – department stores, health food stores, clinics, hotels, spas and more – across the United States as well as in Asia and South America.

Any brick and mortar locations interested in stocking their products can visit wellnessorders.com, which is the wholesale ordering site for both brands.

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/PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Rare Cannabinoid Company has announced its Black Friday deals for 2023 on CBD oils and gummies, THC Mood Gummies, rare cannabinoid oils,…   Read More