SIMSBURY, CT (WFSB) – The sale of recreational marijuana is on the Election Day ballot in Simsbury.

It’s been a hot-button issue for many municipalities since the sale of legalized recreational marijuana took effect in Connecticut earlier this year.

In Simsbury, officials previously decided to hold off on making a final decision, and placed an 18-month moratorium on deciding if dispensaries should be permitted.

Tuesday, it’ll be the top question on ballots:

Currently, 49 cities and towns in the state allow the sale of recreational marijuana, and there are more than 24 authorized dispensaries.

People who favor allowing sales said it will generate more revenue, funding projects, and neighborhood improvements.

Opponents argued that they were concerned and worried about the charm and character of local neighborhoods.

Towns in the state are not allowed to completely prohibit medical marijuana dispensaries.

However, when it comes to the sale of recreational use marijuana, voters decide whether or not to allow it.

Voters will decide if recreational marijuana sales are allowed in Simsbury.

 The sale of recreational marijuana is on the ballot this year in Simsbury.  Read More