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Two Latin influencers immerse themselves in an interview about what it is like to live in the middle of the war in Ukraine and face taboos like marijuana. The journalist Mauro Albarrac?n and Augusto Tellman, creator of Tellman Growshop, answered the questions sent by users of social networks to tell their experiences.

“Whatever you do, even if you have the vest on, a bomb hits and the shock wave breaks your neck, and there comes a time when you accept that,” Tellman said from Kyiv. In the Ukrainian capital, everything seems to be calmer compared to the East, which kept them entrenched in a bunker in fear and despair.

Is Marijuana Available In The Middle Of The War In Ukraine?

Beyond the tense climate that is breathed in a war that has been going on for more than 500 days, the economy continues to function with its respective alterations. With this, habits like coffee and eating a pizza continue to happen.

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“What’s up with marijuana?” asked a viewer, to which the creator of Tellman Grow Shop replied: “Super taboo, you can get the odd substance, but not cannabis. People are not used to it.” The only thing there are tobacco vaporizers and what they forcefully told these Argentines was that “whoever wants to sell you marijuana is going to scam you.”

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In the information provided by Mauro Albarrac?n and Augusto Tellman, there is a very marked contrast in cannabis. On the one hand, as they affirm, there is a taboo in social matters. On the other, Volodymyr Zelensky, President of Ukraine, continues his efforts to legalize medical cannabis to treat war wounds. What will be the future of marijuana in Ukraine?

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Watch the full video in Spanish below.

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