There was an eerie pinkish light in the sky visible from several parts of the Lower Mainland last night, and many people who stayed up late enough to see it took to social media to ask what it was.

It was visible to people in Richmond, New Westminster, and Surrey while looking south in the early hours of Monday morning.

Delta police weighed in to put people’s worries to rest.

“When I tell you, you’ll be disappointed,” a communications officer posted from the force’s X account.

“Delta has some commercial greenhouse space producing marijuana. The ‘purple’ light is used in the greenhouses to help growing cycle. They get used rarely, but when they do, you get purple light pollution. Nothing exotic!”

“I was busy packing my bags for the mothership’s imminent arrival,” Kate Paton replied to the force.

Others thought the light may have been the northern lights, after blood-red skies were seen in Europe.

 Many people took to social media Sunday night to share photos of a strange pink light over the region, and what it was may surprise you.  Read More