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Daily stairs may reduce heart disease

Climbing at least 50 stairs a day may reduce heart disease risk by 20%, according to a new study. The study followed almost half a million participants for 12.5 years. A separate study from 2021 determined 1 in 5 deaths in the United States were from heart disease.

Georgia first to have medical marijuana in pharmacies

Georgia is set to become the first state where medical marijuana products will be available at independent pharmacies. So far, 120 pharmacies will sell products through Botanical Sciences, one of the two medical marijuana companies in the state. Nearly 90% of Georgians will be within a 30-minute drive of one these pharmacies.

1 in 4 autistic teens undiagnosed

Nearly 1 in 4 teens with autism may be undiagnosed, according to the first population-based study on the prevalence of autism in teens. The study took place in New Jersey where researchers looked at school records from four counties. “I’m certain if we were to look carefully in California, Midwest, every part of the United States, we would find high rates of autism, not only among children, but adolescents as well,” lead researcher Walter Zahorodny said in an interview.

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