DETROIT (FOX 2) – A woman chased a man with a bag full of marijuana until he crashed his vehicle on weed’s biggest day of the year – 4/20.

The man’s car launched over a trash pile, flipping the vehicle and destroying a fence on Detroit’s west side, near Linwood and West Chicago. 

James Smith, a Detroit resident, said he was dozing off at home in the lazy-boy when he heard the crash.

“The footage that I have shows that he’s saying something like ‘I’ll kill that crazy woman’ when he’s getting out of the car,” Smith said. 

The tussle over the goods continued.

That’s when local rapper, Tray Little, cruised past the scene.

“I just see chaos,” Little said. “I’m looking straight ahead, trying to get out of here.”

As Smith left his house to investigate the loud sound, he saw the woman attempt to hit the man.

“She didn’t look very effective,” he said. “Let’s put it that way.”

Then, one shot was fired.

“He just basically said ‘get back’ and he just fired at the ground – one shot. That was it,” Smith said. “There were about five or six people out here on the street. Everyone just kind of backed away.”

The shooter ran off while the woman got back in her car and drove away. It is unknown who ended up with the bag of weed. 

No one was injured during the incident. 

However, on Monday, Detroit police arrested the man who fired the shot. Police are still searching for the female suspect.

 A woman chased a man with a bag full of marijuana until he crashed his vehicle. It all took place on 4/20.  Read More