At a budget workshop Tuesday, Springfield finance director David Holtmann told city council that half of Springfield’s marijuana dispensaries are behind on their 3% sales tax payments.

He said, “On our 3-percent sales tax, three did not pay anything in January, four did not pay any in February and five did not pay in March.”

Holtmann said some sales tax payments were simply late coming from the dispensaries. This is partly because sales tax reporting requirements have “confused” some dispensaries, and partly because the Missouri Department of Revenue faces delays as it tries to collect. That’s due to issues like registered business names being changed.

Springfield’s 3% cannabis sales tax went into effect at the beginning of 2024. It was approved by almost 70% of city voters back in August 2023. Money from the tax is dedicated to city priorities including public safety, housing, mental health and treatment for drugs and alcohol.

Even with only partial payments received, Holtman said Springfield has collected more than $300,000 from the 3% marijuana sales tax during the first three months of this year.

 Now that cannabis is fully legal for adults, Missouri’s third-largest city has 10 licensed marijuana dispensaries. Meanwhile, five of them haven’t yet paid sales taxes they owe for the month of March.  Read More