Capitol Hill lawmakers will consider a bill that could change the agricultural and farming industry when it comes to the sale of hemp.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Lawmakers on Capitol Hill are considering a bill that could change the agricultural and farming industry when comes to the sale of hemp products.

A section in the proposed Farm, Food and National Security Act of 2024, generally referred to as the “farm bill,” would also change the government’s definition of hemp, leading to big changes in the cannabis industry.

Natacha Andrews is a cannabis lawyer and consultant in Charlotte.

“It’ll impact farmers and small businesses all around the state,” Andrews told WCNC Charlotte’s Myles Harris.

Congress looks to re-evaluate the farm bill every five years. The current bill allows businesses to sell cannabis products with less than 3% THC. The proposed bill could lower that percentage – a small change with a potentially big impact.

Andrews said that if that changes, it will hit a lot of businesses. 

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“There are people who are fearful right now,” Andrews said, “This is their life’s work, or they’ve been working at this for quite a while they’ve invested a lot in it.”

Michael Sims runs Crowntown Cannabis and admits the cannabis game comes with many curve balls, but North Carolina state leaders are working on a bill that would be a game changer for his business. 

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“Not only does it further define what we do as being legal, but it also gives us a regulatory framework to be a more viable business, a more trusted business, and ultimately, a better end result for the customer,” Sims said.

It’s a bill Sims hopes will lead other states to make a similar change. 

“North Carolina is moving forward. And ultimately, it’s the will of people,” he added. 

The bill would allow all sorts of hemp to be on the same playing field. 

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“It’s kind of all-encompassing the cover all cannabis, where we don’t have a medical or rec program right now. I think this is the greatest option we have,” Sims said.

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