DALLAS, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, June 30, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — The cannabis industry is ever-growing and dynamic, evolving in step with the latest trends, consumer tastes, and legal landscape changes. At the forefront of these dynamic changes is Jerry “J-Man” Joyner, the visionary mind behind the innovative digital platform Weed and Whiskey TV. Recognizing the rising tide of independent video content producers, Joyner has devised a strategic 1,000-day plan to broaden the reach of the popular lifestyle channel, creating a win-win situation for content creators, advertisers, and the curious consumer base alike.

“Our advertising and sponsor partners are just excited as we are with this initiative,” states Joyner. “Compelling content along with great products getting exposure makes this a win for everyone. We moved from being a SVOD (subscription video on demand) to an AVOD (advertising video on demand) in June of 2022. In one year, we’ve had 142,000+ “partakers” signup for our free streaming network and we have 80,000+ of those “partakers” engaging with us weekly.” J-Man continues “Based on those numbers, we set a 1,000-day plan beginning on July 4, 2023, on the 50th anniversary of Willie Nelson’s Picnic, with a goal of 1,000,000 “partakers” signed up by, of course, April 20, 2026 which just by coincidence is Joyner actual birthday.

Through this ambitious plan, Joyner aims to provide independent producers of cannabis, spirits, and alternative products video content a unique platform of distribution. The initiative also extends to marketing and promotional opportunities, fostering an ecosystem of innovation and creativity in a rapidly expanding sector. By tapping into the pool of underrepresented talent, Weed and Whiskey TV aims to diversify its content repertoire while encouraging the growth of independent creators.

One of the first fruits borne of this forward-thinking initiative is the exciting new addition to the Weed and Whiskey TV lineup: “The So High Game Show.” Marrying cannabis culture with the spirit of friendly competition, this groundbreaking show sets a new bar for entertainment in the cannabis space.

“The So High Game Show” is an adrenaline-charged spectacle that invites cannabis enthusiasts and trivia buffs into a thrilling arena of challenges. Contestants, drawn from varied walks of life, face off in this high-energy, witty contest that tests their cannabis knowledge, memory, and quick-thinking skills. The dynamic host, coupled with unpredictable twists and challenges, promise an immersive, engaging experience for viewers.

Daulton O’Neill, a spokesperson for Weed and Whiskey TV expressed his enthusiasm for the new collaboration. “Our collaboration with ‘The So High Game Show’ marks an exciting milestone for Weed and Whiskey TV. We are thrilled to bring this captivating game show to our audience, providing an entertaining and educational platform that celebrates the vibrant cannabis culture while promoting responsible cannabis use.”
Inclusivity is a cornerstone of “The So High Game Show,” with a rich tapestry of contestants bringing their unique perspectives and experiences to the fore.

From cannabis enthusiasts to industry experts, the show provides a stage for the diversity of the cannabis community.
As contestants vie for the ultimate title of the cannabis champion, audiences will be treated to a rollercoaster of emotions. Prizes include premium cannabis products and unique experiential adventures, adding to the thrilling suspense of the competition.

“The So High Game Show” began its streaming premiere on Weed and Whiskey TV on June 19, 2023. Audiences can experience this groundbreaking cannabis-centric game show on the channel’s website at www.weedandwhiskey.tv or on your ROKU device.

Jerry “J-Man” Joyner’s 1,000 day plan represents a bold vision for Weed and Whiskey TV, aligning the platform with the changing dynamics of the cannabis industry. By providing a platform for independent creators, Joyner seeks to enhance the diversity of content while fostering creativity and innovation. This plan, coupled with the channel’s commitment to showcasing unique and innovative programming, underscores Weed and Whiskey TV’s commitment to the cannabis community. As Joyner and his team move towards the future, we can anticipate more captivating content, powerful partnerships, and bold initiatives that will continue to elevate the cannabis lifestyle.

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 The cannabis industry is ever-growing and dynamic, evolving in step with the latest trends, consumer tastes, and legal landscape changes. At the forefront of  Read More