MJ Dispensary (WHEC)

HENRIETTA, N.Y. — A dispensary in Henrietta is opening on Tuesday afternoon after months of waiting due to legal challenges against the state’s rollout of cannabis licenses.

MJ Dispensary on Jefferson Road says it will be the first recreational dispensary in the Finger Lakes region when it opens on 4:20 p.m.

Dispensary owner Ryan Martin says it has been a constant back-and-forth between being allowed to open and not. The dispensary was open for a few months in 2021 when the state approved recreational marijuana use.

The New York State Office of Cannabis Management granted MJ Dispensary its license in June after the office settled a federal lawsuit filed by a Michigan company. The lawsuit blocked the state from issuing licenses in the Finger Lakes region. That’s because it claimed that New York discriminated against out-of-state businesses by prioritizing dispensary licenses for people who have marijuana convictions within New York.

Martin spoke with News10NBC about why he’s opening a dispensary and what to expect for the state-licensed cannabis products:

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