PARKVILLE, Mo. — Another Missouri city in the Kansas City area is asking voters to approve a local sales tax on recreational marijuana.

In the Nov. 7 election, Parkville’s Proposition M asks if the city can impose a 3% sales tax on recreational marijuana sales.

Missouri’s legal weed sales average $4M a day

Three percent is the highest city sales tax a jurisdiction is allowed to collect under Missouri’s Amendment 3, which legalized recreational marijuana use for those 21 and older.

The state will also charge an additional 6% sales tax on all recreational marijuana purchases, and the regular sales tax for each jurisdiction still applies.

The 3% local tax, if Parkville voters approve, will not apply to medical marijuana purchases, and the state has a 4% tax rate for anyone with a medical marijuana card.

State records show there is one comprehensive marijuana dispensary in Parkville.

Marijuana tax to be used to combat violence in Kansas City

The Platte County Landmark reports city leaders have no estimate for how much revenue a 3% marijuana tax would generate annually.

Earlier this year, over 30 cities and counties in the metro — including Parkville neighbors Kansas City, Northmoor and Riverside — already voted on a local marijuana tax.

Voters in all of those cities and counties approved a marijuana tax back in April.