The Mississippi State Department of Health has revoked the license of Rapid Analytics, LLC, as a medical marijuana testing facility.

“Medical cannabis testing is critical to ensuring product safety for patients, and Rapid Analytics’ disregard for regulatory compliance poses a threat to public health and welfare. As such, MSDH has determined to revoke the establishment’s license effective March 13, 2024,” MSDH officials said in a press release.

Over the last three months, MSDH has been investigating claims of deviations from regulatory standards and approved procedures regarding the testing of medical cannabis at Rapid Analytics. The investigation revealed those claims were valid.

The investigation came from claims that the medical cannabis product testing showed the presence of pesticides and mycotoxins. The investigation ultimately halted the sale of 70 percent of the medical cannabis product set to be on the market between Dec. 21 and Feb. 9.

“The Mississippi State Department of Health and the Medical Cannabis Program are, first and foremost, committed to the safety of all the patients in the program. Our commitment extends to ensuring all proper procedures are followed by testing laboratories as laid out in state law. This was a thorough investigation and a decision that was not taken lightly,” said MSDH spokesman Greg Flynn.

A representative from Rapid Analytics first said that the claims of improper testing were baseless. The company will have the right to appeal the decision within 20 days.

Rapid Analytics did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

State Sen. Kevin Blackwell (R-Southaven), who has been a legislative leader in the establishment of the medical cannabis program, commended MSDH for its diligence to ensure safe and quality product for patients.

“I think the department has done what we expect them to do, and that is to protect our people,” Blackwell said.

Despite the pause in the market and inconvenience to individuals, Blackwell said he sees the investigation and decision to revoke the license as a positive due to the standard it is setting for businesses in the Mississippi medical cannabis business.

“I see this as a positive event, even though it unfortunately took a lot of products off the shelves and inconvenienced a lot of our patients and cannabis facilities,” Blackwell said. “It also sends a message that the Department of Health isn’t playing around. You need to adhere to the rules.”

Blackwell said legislation this year, which he coined the “cannabis tech bill,” will tweak some language regarding third-party lab testing. In 2023, lawmakers gave MSDH the ability to use a third-party lab to test other cannabis labs to ensure adherence to the guidelines. This year’s bill will require that they do so. The bill allows MSDH to choose who that third-party is, but they will not be permitted to test any product as an independent facility.

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