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Welcome to the Green Rush, a KCSA Strategic Communications Production, a weekly conversation at the intersection of cannabis, psychedelics, the capital markets and culture. 

This week Kris Krane is back for a new episode with special guest Adam Stettner, Founder and CEO of FundCanna. Adam joins us this week for a conversation that builds upon Kris’ Forbes column, “Bet You’ve Heard This One Before…Now Is The Time To Invest In Cannabis,” to discuss the state of the cannabis industry, cannabis capital markets and why he’s focusing on making investments in the industry at this time.

Today’s episode marks the beginning of a new edition of the Green Rush podcast, which will run each time Kris publishes a column in Forbes. In these episodes, Kris will welcome a guest, typically someone who is quoted in the column, to further discuss and flesh out the narrative.

If you are interested in learning more about FundCanna and cannabis capital markets, visit the links in our show notes. Also, be sure to follow Adam and FundCanna on LinkedIn and Twitter.

So sit back and enjoy our conversation with Adam Stettner of FundCanna. 

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 In this episode of the Green Rush podcast, Kris Krane speaks with Adam Stettner, Founder and CEO of FundCanna.  Read More